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Zumba has been around a while, and most of us have been to a class or two.  You’ve probably noticed that each Zumba class is completely unique and very specific to the instructor teaching the class.  That’s because the Zumba Fitness company that trains Zumba instructors gives instructors complete flexibility in designing their own programs.  Zumba is a great concept and is super successful for very good reason.  They provide excellent tools for instructors to use, and each instructor chooses exactly what is right for them.

Good Zumba instructors usually belong to ZIN, the Zumba Instructor Network. Belonging to ZIN gives instructors the opportunity to be found on (click here for our site).  On ZIN, they are able to download songs and choreography notes to help them develop their classes.  Sometimes instructors can use classes that are almost “canned” in that they have every song and move already figured out, so an instructor can just follow those exactly.  This is why sometimes you will go to a class that seems very familiar to one taught by a different instructor that you may have taken previously.  But this is not typical nor necessarily desirable.  An experienced instructor will certainly deviate from the standard routines, trying to improve upon and refine moves that are well-suited to their taste.

We at Dance Tone Fitness try to do exactly that.  We pull from lots of different dance fitness styles and really focus on the music and interpret it in a meaningful way that is easy to follow, natural for the body to do and super fun and enjoyable.  For example, we like to do circles only as accents and transition points, not usually as the major move to a given segment.

I’ve noticed in my experience at many Zumba classes that some instructors seem stuck on one type of move.  Single single double jumping side lunges for example.  Okay, that’s just not fun, sorry!  Or repeated right/left crossover twist – wow, you can only do so many of these before your knees give out, so it’s just not safe!  It feels like they didn’t think out their class that well, honestly.

Our classes are extremely well thought out.  We usually spend at least 40 hours getting the choreography for one class just right.  We continue refining until it feels just right.  We are proud of what we offer and hope that you will love our classes.  And by the way if you have any suggested improvements please do not hesitate to talk to us about them as we love new ideas and would value your input!


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  • Demi

    Most of the Zumba classes I have attended are more like aerobics. The best ones I have experienced are taught by instructors with some dance training especially Latin styles or even hip hop. Step tap, grapevine, and hop kick get a bit boring after a while.