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Best Shoes for Dance Fitness 2

  Dance fitness is so fun that you might actually forget you are exerting your muscles and joints in ways that could cause injury.  We do so many twists and turns and quick movements that we really need just the right kind of shoes to prevent injury.  Good dance studios use what is called a […]

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Preventing Injury During Group Exercise

  We do group exercise fitness classes because we love the energy, variety, fun and relaxation of the mind to just follow what the instructor does.  But have you ever taken a class that doesn’t quite fit your style or capability level, and you end up feeling frustrated and maybe you even got injured?  That’s […]

Group Exercise Etiquette

  Ok, Miss Manners, what am I supposed to do, delicately dab the corners of my mouth with my linen napkin?  Wait… no no no that’s not what we mean by group exercise etiquette! Let’s face it, people are quirky.  We all have our own unique styles, needs and desires.  And because of these differences, […]

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Not All Zumba Instructors Are The Same 1

  Zumba has been around a while, and most of us have been to a class or two.  You’ve probably noticed that each Zumba class is completely unique and very specific to the instructor teaching the class.  That’s because the Zumba Fitness company that trains Zumba instructors gives instructors complete flexibility in designing their own […]

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Best Sports Bras for Larger Busts

  People come in all shapes and sizes, and well, ahem, some of us are blessed (or cursed) with a large bust.  Well that’s all fantastic, but it can make things a little difficult when it comes to sports bras that provide real support when we’re hopping and jumping and dancing around! Many women double […]